We are a woman-owned

Physical Therapy practice in Falls Church looking for a


Personable, Highly-Skilled

Pelvic Floor/Women's Health Physical Therapist!

If you would enjoy:

  • Spending a full hour, one-on-one with each of your patients (and only 6-8 patients per day, max!),

  • Drastically reduced paperwork requirements compared to the average in-network PT clinic,

  • Working in a 100% cash-pay clinic without the nonsense that goes along with insurance contracts and reimbursement,

  • Having a pivotal role in a local Falls Church business that helps people stay active and live the lives they want to live,

  • Working for a company that truly values and priorities a healthy work-life balance

  • Earning a great hourly rate for all the above

This could be the perfect position for you!


Hi, my name is Stacy Snow! I’m a Physical Therapist and owner of Tranquil Place PT & Wellness, a specialty practice in Falls Church City.

I’m looking to hire an experienced Pelvic Floor/Women's Health Physical Therapist with great interpersonal skills who is interested in a part-time position. If this sounds like you, let me tell you a bit more about this practice and our treatment philosophy so you can determine if this would be a great fit for you!

We are a small, private practice located in a quiet, peaceful office surrounded by other health and wellness providers. We currently see clients 1:1 for 50-60 minutes and aim to get to the underlying cause of their symptoms, and not just the obvious problem they're having. We help them to heal their problem for good and have the tools to treat themselves once they're finished working with us. We're very big on patient education and helping our clients to understand their bodies and how to optimize their movements and health.

We work with our clients holistically and help give them the tools to manage stress, optimize sleep, eat in a healthy and sustainable way, and view their health and wellness as the path to a truly fulfilling life.

We are not a Participating Medicare Provider with Medicare and do not treat a great deal of Medicare beneficiaries though we do have a handful of Medicare-aged patients here and there.

Patients pay in-full at the time of service and are provided a receipt (superbill) with the necessary codes/info to send in self-claims to insurance if they so choose. They are also able to use an HSA/FSA if they prefer.

Documentation must be inline with the State Practice Act and be sufficient if legal issues arise, but much of the insurance-based paperwork requirements do not exist in this clinic.

Sound exciting so far? If not, no need to read further. If so, let me tell you more about who we're looking for.

Clinically, we're looking for a stellar Pelvic Floor/Women's Health Physical Therapist. Having solid training in the pelvic floor and women's health beyond what is taught in PT school is needed, and a love of learning is required!

We're looking for a team player with great manual therapy skills, excellent communication and organizational skills, and an ability to create relationships with our team and clients.

The right person for this job will be able to assess and skillfully respond to the wide variety of personality types. A natural ability to build great rapport with every patient is a must.

We're looking for a lifelong learner and someone who's committed to their own personal and professional development.

You will need to learn how to comfortably and confidently take prospective patients through promotional assessments in a way that sells them on the incredible value of what you provide and gets them to say yes to our self-pay services.

If the idea of "selling" your services in order to help someone choose high quality care makes you uncomfortable, and it's not a skill that you're interested in learning, this probably isn't the job for you.

Some other things to help you decide if this position is a good fit for you:

- Our Clients: We work primarily with active women who prioritize their health and fitness. We cater specifically to female runners and CrossFitters and are passionate about helping them to stay as strong, healthy, fit, and active as they can be throughout their lifespan. Our patients are motivated and invested in their care. They're amazing and inspirational. You’re gonna love them!

- Our Model: We are a cash-pay business model and market directly to clients. We don’t directly market to physicians, the clinic doesn’t see a lot of post-op rehab patients (nor is the clinic outfitted for much of that … we operate out of a small, intimate, zen space!).

- Our Team: We are a woman and PT-owned practice and will work closely together to create a great experience for our clients. This position will be perfect for someone who has great manual skills and a compassionate, joyful outlook on life... Someone who is looking for an environment where high quality care and patient experience is truly the top priority (not just part of a mission statement).

- Community Outreach: We participate in community events and workshops to help educate the public about how we can help them because unfortunately many people have no idea what physical therapy can do for them. We're working to change that!

- Schedule: We currently have a lot of flexibility in the schedule and could bring on someone needing just a few half-days, or all the way up to full time needs. We can also pay more per hour if you're available to see patients on the weekend.

If all the above has made you excited about this job, here is a detailed "success description" outlining all the details of what being successful in this position will look like:

Success Description

To have superstar status in this position, you will:

  • Be professional, driven, and motivated, but not take yourself, or life, too seriously!

  • Be a team player and a great communicator

  • Adopt a firm belief that we are not just here to help people when they get injured, but that we have the role of primary provider for musculoskeletal impairments and that we are our clients' lifelong guides to staying active and healthy

  • Learn and apply specific techniques and strategies for performing promotional consultations with prospective patients in a way that a maximum possible number of prospects needing our help decide to do business with us

  • Make patients feel extremely welcome and cared for, even on days you're not feeling very smiley

  • Being open and excited to learn and implement strategies that will help you provide superior client experience and get more people to reach 100% of their goals

  • Actively seek to understand what drives each of our patients. It's not pain that brought them to the clinic. It's an activity they need, want, or love to do which the pain is keeping them from doing in the way they want

  • Care about your co-workers and take an interest in their lives and happiness

  • We would love to find someone who is willing to occasionally work on weekends to serve those patients who can't schedule appointments during the weekdays or fit in the weekday spots we have available. (Pay rate will be substantially higher for weekend hours worked. Currently, ongoing weekend work is an option if it's a schedule you prefer, or have another job and want to see patients at a high hourly rate on the weekends.)

  • Express gratitude to our administrative staff for how much easier they make our lives

  • Understand that to reach and help the most people with our hard-earned skills and knowledge, we must "sell" our services. You will get comfortable with the terms "sales" and "selling," and understand that ethical selling is how we benefit the most possible people who need our help to live the lives they desire

  • Move at least one patient per month into our ongoing wellness and maintenance programs to help them maintain the great results we've obtained, and the highest levels of performance and health.

  • Never take for granted the amazing patient-care atmosphere and daily work setting this job provides compared to the typical outpatient PT clinic

  • Be a physical representation of health, wellness, and fitness ... how can we ask our patients to do things we're not willing to do ourselves?

  • Attend at least one community/athletic event each month to generate and deepen connections with attendees and referral sources

  • Compel at least 1 patient per month to leave an online review of their experience at Tranquil Place PT & Wellness

  • Proactively think of things that could make a big difference to the way the business runs and our ability to help people

Please fill out our brief application below if you are seriously interested in working with me!


Thank you so much for your interest in this position.

I hope to meet you soon!

~ Stacy